(Served with Asian greens, Crushed peanuts and lime chili fish sauce )

Special Vermicelli    
Bún Thịt Nướng heo Đặc Biệt  $10.99 
Charbroiled Beef & Shrimp Vermicelli  
Bún Bò nướng Tôm  $10.99 
Charbroiled Beef & Crispy Egg Rolls Vermicelli    
Bún Bò nướng Chả giò  $9.99 
Charbroiled Pork & Shrimp Vermicelli   
Bún Heo nướng Tôm  $10.99 
Charbroiled Pork & Crispy Egg Rolls Vermicelli   
Bún Heo nướng chả giò  $9.99 
Charbroiled Chicken &ShrimpVermicelli   
Bún Thịt Gà nướng Tom  $9.99 
Charbroiled Chicken &Egg Rolls Vermicelli   
Bún Ga nuong Cha gio  $9.99 
Charbroiled Shrimp Vermicelli   
Charbroiled Shrimp Vermicelli   
Bún Tôm nướng  $10.99 
Charbroiled  Shrimp&Egg Rolls Vermicelli    
Bún Tom nướng, cha gio  $10.99 
Sauté Chicken Vermicelli   
Bún Gà Xào  $9.99 
Sauté Beef Vermicelli   
Bún Bò Xào  $9.99 
Saute ShrimpVermicelli  
Bun Tom xao  $10.99 
Saute Shrimp,Beef,Chicken Vermicelli   
Bun Tom Bo Ga xao  $10.99
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